Ever wonder if there's anything else?

Do you want more, but you can't quite figure out what that might be? Coaching can help!

Unlock What You Want

Like it or not, your journey must start with self-exploration. Only when you know your true self at this moment in time can you discover where you need to go

Plan Your Journey

Figure out how to go from where you are to where you want to be. You can do it!

Get Support You Need

Never embark on a journey without a support system! We can help you stay on course or adjust your route as needed.

We engineer your life reboot with a focus on fulfillment.

A lot of us women “of a certain age” feel stuck in our lives, like the little hourglass or the spinning wheel on our computers. Some of us got sidelined when we had families and have been marginalized ever since. For some of us, the fall off of the power radar came later. Either way, we have reached a point in life where we have much to give in experience, expertise, and common sense. But we seem to be invisible, especially to men in power.

We need a reboot so the rest of our life is as satisfying as the first part.
Rebooting may mean drastic life changes or smaller adjustments. Either way, we can help you plan the processes for a fulfilling, satisfying future.


Thoughts & Musings

The Reboot Blog

The Movie of Your Life

When you train as a life coach, you partake of a lot of the exercises your clients will do. Getting coached is much of the learning experience. One activity involves writing the movie/script/story of your Read more…

Looking for Change

I know a lot of women who have craved a change. Usually we have felt dissatisfied about something in our lives, but often what needs to change (job, romantic partner, etc) is difficult to change Read more…