Just keep spinning…spinning, spinning…

When my Mac gets stuck, a rainbow-colored wheel sits on the screen and spins, letting me know that the computer is still alive and thinking, but not moving along. Sometimes it’s the ‘Wheel of Death.” Most of the time a restart will clear out the offending code and make the machine work well again.

A couple of years ago, my work-life seemed stuck like that spinning wheel. The details are found in A Reboot Story elsewhere on this site.  As soon as I resolved to get a new position that met my needs, my husband got sick. My priorities rapidly changed. Ultimately, I had to stay put and find ways to survive and thrive without changing positions. After all, I was the sole breadwinner and provider of insurance. I also gave myself time and permission to explore my desires more fully. That process led to this website and coaching business.

I have completed certification for Life Coaching, Life Purpose Coaching, and Happiness Coaching. This builds upon the parts of my career mentoring and advising faculty about their careers and goals.

Stay tuned for more as I begin this journey. Be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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