One of the most powerful tools, when you need a life reboot, is a journal. Whether it’s an old-school paper book or an app online, or even a series of dictated notes, writing about yourself can give you a lot of direction.

  • Record your day’s activities, what you liked and what you didn’t
  • List things you want to do
  • Record memories that pop up out of the blue
  • Note frustrations
  • Describe random thoughts

You never know what may be important for you to recall. The key thing is to write regularly, even if you just scribble a note about the day being too crazy to write much. One advantage to using an app (I like Day One) is that you can set a daily reminder. Of course, the same thing can be accomplished with an alarm on your phone and a paper journal as well.

Self-knowledge is power! Pick a method and start journaling!


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