Every morning I awake to music. Right now, it’s the Latin beat of Havana by Camila Cabello. That will get me up and moving. But then I remember…

Oh, no…work!

Being a doctor is now stressful, and not just because of occasional life-and-death moments. Electronic records, documentation requirements, and other stuff that does absolutely nothing to improve patient care make that part of the job stressful. We also get a thousand tiny nicks every day from required training for the job and maintenance of certification. Oh, and the accountants all seem to think we should be seeing more patients, while the chart reviewers believe we aren’t writing enough in our notes to get paid. The accrediting agencies are also demanding even more training for medical faculty, and we now have to track that through yet another online system.

Last week I attended a conference of people with entrepreneurial dreams. About 1/3 of the crowd were medical types. While many of us were hoping to remain helpful to people, we were all trying to leave behind insurers and so many damn rules.

My employer wonders why morale is poor. I would be more amazed if it weren’t.

That’s a good part of what led to this coaching service. I wanted something different desperately, but I was not able to change jobs. I had to find other outlets for my creativity, and that eventually led me here. I am hoping I can help other women who feel stuck like I did.

If you want more details about my life journey, read A Reboot Story. If you want to talk about feeling burned out, lost, or stuck, join us on Facebook.

We all need support to get through this thing.

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