Like a lot of women, I got too busy for “frivolous” stuff a few years ago. I had a career that was going well and a couple of kids plus my spouse. Why should I pay attention to fashion trends?

I will tell you now: having fashion choices that should be updated can take you on the road to frumpy. Watching What Not To Wear with my daughter was fun and startling and led me back to fashion. While wearing clothes is generally essential, fashion makes it fun.

This does not mean that you should dress, wear make-up, or do your hair like celebrities. A mature body is unlikely to be favored by anything a Kardashian or Rhianna would strut in public. It is good to know what’s out there so you can adopt it for yourself.

Hemlines dropping? As a chunky woman of middling height, I may not look good with ankle-length dresses, but I can take them to a couple of inches below the knee rather than just above it. Pantone is pushing coral as color of the year? Even though it may not be my best look, I can try some peach tones or use it as an accent. Making some of these changes show you are paying attention and staying up-to-date.

A recent Saturday Night Live skit introduced us to the Fashion Coward store. Click over and watch it in case you missed it.

While the over-the-top looks at the start of the skit are, well, over-the top, you deserve to have your fashion show who you are. Getting dressed is more fun that way!

So pick up a copy of In Style or Vogue. You’re not copying looks from the ads or editorial pages literally, just looking for something to inspire your next shopping trip, whether it’s to Neiman Marcus or Target. We all deserve, at any age or weight, to wear stuff that represents us, and not a giant gray invisibility cloak. In Style features photos of their readers adopting looks from their pages. Harper’s Bazaar includes fashion trends for every decade, 20’s through 70’s, as an ongoing feature. They will help you figure out how to look up-to-date.

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