I know a lot of women who have craved a change. Usually we have felt dissatisfied about something in our lives, but often what needs to change (job, romantic partner, etc) is difficult to change or completely out of our control.

Sometimes the result is a shopping spree. Of course, there is the personal care option as well:

Sometimes a mani-pedi or a facial does the job. Sometimes it’s only a temporary fix.

While I love to indulge my nail and shoe urges as much as anyone (and more than some), eventually you need to get to the root cause of your dissatisfaction. Introspection, coaching, and education can help you work through to the real issues. Then, when you identify and address those, you may feel the need for more visible changes again.

Just like Elle had to find her inner strength and intellect, we have to examine all facets of our lives when we feel stuck. By all means, feel free to buy that lipstick if you can afford it. Just don’t ignore more robust changes that may be necessary.

This site will begin exploring and addressing a variety of facets we all need to consider for our happiness and fulfillment. If you value this content, sign up for our newsletter and get access to our tools as soon as they launch.

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