When you train as a life coach, you partake of a lot of the exercises your clients will do. Getting coached is much of the learning experience.

One activity involves writing the movie/script/story of your life. This activity lets you examine your past, and you can then decide what direction your future could take. Should you pursue more training or a completely new career? Is it time to join the Peace Corps? What are all your options?

The key is getting people to explore where they want to go and what they want to do. As objections arise, they can then be addressed.

“But it will take 5 years to make that happen; I’ll be so old.” How old will you be in 5 years if you don’t pursue this goal? Oh, yeah, the same age. But without the goal.

It’s important to remember that your life is yours to live. It’s never too late to change it until you are dead.

If you feel dissatisfied or stuck, feel free to rewrite your script!

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