Scent can be powerful. A brief whiff of freshly-mowed grass can take up back to playing on our childhood lawn. Our mother’s perfume can make us feel her presence, even when she’s miles away.

Scent can be a powerful accessory. Several that I love evoke summertime. As the weather warms up, I find myself pondering my hot-weather favorites.

Indian Coconut Nectar can be found at a number of retailers, including Ulta and Target. I have used it for several years when I want the smell of coconuts on a tropical beach. It has an attitude about it, one that lingers behind as you leave a room, but nothing smells like it.

New for this year is Coco Cabana, a light body mist. It comes from a wonderful Brazilian line and is supposed to conjure up the popped corn that’s a favorite in Rio. It mixes the salty-sweet scent of standard kettle corn with a bit of the coconut oil it’s cooked in. It’s light scent will make it good for weekends in the hospital. It’s not so “in your face” as the Nectar, but it still says “I’d rather be by the water.”

2019 also saw the addition of Eau de Soleil Blanc to my dressing area. It evokes warm white flowers on a tropical island. More enchanted garden and less suntan oil than the others, it is subtle enough for work and other not-so-beachy activities. It has quickly become my warm-weather go-to.

I still have my old favorites in rotation, but they work all year. These three scents will get some R&R once temperatures drop.

What scents do you use in the hot weather?

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