Every advice group for women professionals I have attended has recommended a scarf as the Power Accessory (Sorry, Madeline). Its ability to draw attention to the face and add color to an otherwise somber suit has given it this status. However, a lot of women may not know what to do with each and every one. They range from pocket squares to shawls, and there are many tricks to make them work.

Chronicle Books, San Francisco 2014

This cute hardback covers just about every size and shape of scarf out there. I highly recommend it if you want to up your accessory game.

I am starting a new video series to demonstrate some of my favorite techniques as well. These 1 minute shoots will post in my Instagram feed (@pascalelane). They will be covered with the image below:

Stay tuned for more; watch me learn to edit video (pop corn; it should be entertaining as well as informative).

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