Pardon my absence, please. My day job gave me the opportunity to visit Amsterdam for the first time, so I took it. The conference was 1-1/2 days, but I went early and stayed late so I could play tourist. What a beautiful city! Of course, I hit many of the museums that you find in the guidebooks, but the best times involved some random chance.

I had planned to visit the Van Gogh museum on one day, but did not make it. I went on a different day, the one Sunday each month when local artists gathered for a fair on the museum park. Sculpture, painting, fabrics, and jewelry…I had a blast! I brought home some unique accessories for my collections (follow me on Instagram, @pascalelane, to see these as I wear them). Had my plans gone as planned, I would have missed this delightful event!

Another day I went into the city and just wandered. I did wander by a cheese museum I discovered on Google maps, where I also stimulated the local economy. Next door was a tulip museum, but baskets of bulbs with photos of the flowers was not so exciting. Some row houses were undergoing renovations, and I could see inside them from the sidewalk. Their ground floors sit at water level!

One thing that the current young folks (my children included) have right is the importance of experiences. Long after my new works of art are forgotten, I will remember the beauty of Amsterdam and my days exploring it.

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