Pascale Hammond Lane, MD, has lived, studied, and worked in the central United States throughout her life. As a medical faculty member, she started mentoring others on the promotion and tenure process. Eventually, she became involved in multidisciplinary faculty development efforts, producing courses for leadership, writing, and other important career skills.

After working her way through her own “midlife blahs” she became interested in coaching to help other women figure out their own needs.

“Everyone is different. My circumstances prevented me from taking the most obvious path to fix my job dissatisfaction.”

Pascale is now a Certified Master Life Coach, having taken courses in general, happiness, life purpose, and goal success coaching. She also offers DISC-based behavioral analysis tools for her clients. Given the popularity of her posts on wardrobe and appearance, she became a Certified Image Consultant as well.

She loves fashion, especially shoes. So when brainstorming led to the “reboot” title for this service, boot and shoe imagery became a no-brainer for this site.

Pascale believes we all need to feed our souls and our soles.